Linksys smart wifi router
Linksys smart wifi router

In those days without the internet we can’t achieve our goals. So a high speed internet connection helps you to keep forward in this digital world. If your internet speed is slow then you can’t perform all the activities perfectly, I am working in an IT company so my work is totally dependent on the internet, So one of my best friend suggested me to use a linksys router. So I placed an order. After a few days I got my linksys smart wifi router with proper packed delivery, after that day trust me my life totally changes.

Linksys smart wifi comes with many additional features, it will provide you a high-speed internet connection, lots of devices can connect in one time without compromising with internet speed the setup process is also too easy just need to type in the URL box and search it. A login page will appear after entering credentials you will be able to make changes and complete Linksys extender setup easily.

Setup linksys smart wifi router device

In the Linksys router the setup process is very easy and friendly. If you are a beginner can easily set up your linksys router, But multiple steps you have to do during setting up. So it can confuse you so here are some simple steps.

At first you need to connect your linksys smart wifi router to modem using a cable. After connecting open Wi-Fi settings in your device mobile/pc/laptop and connect with your router Wi-Fi network. (Network name or SSID and password is available on the label of router). After connecting, open any web browser, Be sure that you have to open the browser in the same device in which your linksys wifi connected, Then in the URL box type and hit enter. You will land on the login portal.

To log in you need to enter your credentials the default credentials are “ADMIN” now proceed for login. You will enter on the admin portal. Now just go to the wireless settings. The option is available on the homepage of your wireless router on the left side. After login doesn’t forget to change the default password and modify settings. After reviewing click on save.

Some common troubleshooting errors on Linksys smart wifi router

Linksys smart wifi will automatically detect if your internet is active while using you can face some common errors. Like when accessing the web login page you can get an error message on the browser so here are some solutions.

Error during access the login page

You may face this error while accessing the login portal. Be sure that the IP address is correct, Check your browser is supporting an open page or not. If not then try at any other browser. Clear all the history of your browser and try again. Can also wait for some time might be the login page is under maintenance.

Error 2112 on Linksys smart wifi router

This error is so common it can be raised if internet connection is so poor. You can fix this issues in two ways by resetting your router. To reset your router, A reset button is available on the back side of your router just press it and hold it for 5 seconds.

Or also can do by accessing the admin portal of your router. To access the login portal type myrouter.local or the IP and search it, This IP will redirect you to the login portal. After entering the admin portal click on settings then hit on troubleshooting icon then reset, Your router will start resetting. Keep in mind after resetting you will lose all your saved settings.

Error 2117 on linksys router

This issue means that your router is unable to detect the network from cable connection. Can also raise this issue if the computer files are corrupted.

Be sure that Linksys router is properly set up by following all the security settings in the router. Need to fix if any damaged file is in your computer. Can use SFC to check the files. Delete all junk files from the system. Check the network is properly connected.


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